How to use PPR stop valve correctly?

PPR globe valves

The correct use of PPR globe valves requires attention to the following aspects:

Pre-use inspection

Before closing the stop valve, check that the valve packing is intact. Replace it in time if it is damaged. At the same time, check whether the valve is fully open. To ensure that the valve can work properly.

Slow closing

Turn the stem slowly when closing the stop valve. Avoid closing too fast resulting in sudden changes in medium flow rate, resulting in impact on valves and pipelines. At the same time, make sure the valve is completely closed to prevent leakage.

Stream of attention

The flow direction indicator arrow of the stop valve points to the direction of the medium flow. Make sure the flow is correct when using. Avoid vortex formation inside the valve by the medium. Affect the service life of valves and pipes.

Scheduled maintenance

Check and maintain the stop valve regularly. Including cleaning dirt, replacing fillers, etc., to maintain its good working condition.

Use in combination

In the pipeline system, the appropriate type and specification of the globe valve should be selected according to the actual situation. Use with other piping elements. To ensure the normal operation of the whole system.

Operating moment

Due to the heavy disc of the globe valve, the operating torque is larger. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid excessive force or the use of tools to prevent damage to the internal structure of the valve.

Pay attention to safety

When operating the stop valve, ensure that it is safe and reliable to avoid accidents. For example, under high temperature or high pressure conditions, appropriate safety measures should be taken to prevent risks such as burns or explosions.

In short, the correct use of PPR globe valves requires attention to several aspects. It includes inspection, maintenance, cooperative use, operating torque, and safety. In practical application, comprehensive consideration should be made according to the specific situation. Ensure the normal operation of the stop valve and the normal operation of the entire piping system.

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