How to Choose the Right House Plumbing Properly?

PPR water supply pipe

There are several different types of pipes, and you should be aware of them when choosing pipes for your home. For example, when it comes to wells and water tanks, brass pipes should be used. When it comes to your water supply system, cast iron should be used; copper pipes are ideal for your hot and cold water systems.

When you know what type of pipe you need for your home, you will feel more at ease when you go out to buy it. While you should be aware of its other characteristics, you should also pay close attention to them. For example, the pipe should be in good condition to ensure that it lasts a long time. Consider these factors when choosing the right type of pipe for your water supply system.

Which Pipe is Best for Water Supply

IFAN PPR Water Supply Pipe

PPR water supply pipe is reinforced with aluminum material. It is made of PP-R and Al materials, and the full size is 110 mm if measured in 20 mm availability.

You can get PPR water supply pipe in different colors: white or light gray. It is marked with a blue or red stripe to identify the water temperature. You can also ask for other colors for customization.

IFAN PVC-U Water Supply Pipe

This PVC pipe is one of the home improvement pipes made of vinyl chloride (unplasticized polyethylene). The pressure ratings of this water supply pipe are 0.63, 0.8 to 2.0 and 2.5 MPa.

You can get PVC-U water supply pipes in white, blue and other colors that can be requested. If the customized type does not meet the requirements, customers can request a full length.


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