How to choose the right PPR globe valve?

PPR globe valve

Choosing the right PPR globe valve needs to consider a number of factors, the following is a specific analysis:

Diameter and working pressure of piping system

It is necessary to know the diameter and design pressure of the pipe in order to select the appropriate globe valve specification. In general, the diameter of the stop valve should match the diameter of the piping system. The working pressure should be able to withstand the pressure of the piping system.

Ambient temperature and media

Different media and ambient temperatures will affect the material selection of the stop valve. For example, for high temperature media, high temperature resistant materials should be selected. For corrosive media, corrosion-resistant materials should be selected.

Flow characteristics of the globe valve

According to the flow requirements of the pipeline system, select a stop valve with appropriate flow characteristics. If you need to adjust the flow rate, you can choose a stop valve with adjustment function.

Connection mode

According to the connection mode of the pipeline system, select the appropriate connection mode of the stop valve. Common connection methods are threaded connection, flange connection, etc.

Hygienic requirement

For the pipeline system of food, medicine and other industries, it is necessary to choose a stop valve that meets national health standards. Keep the media clean and hygienic.


Under the premise of meeting the requirements of use, a cost-effective stop valve should be considered. Reduce the cost of the entire project.

To sum up, choosing the right PPR globe valve requires consideration of several factors. Including the diameter of the pipeline system, working pressure, ambient temperature, medium, flow characteristics, connection mode, health requirements and budget. In practical applications, it is necessary to choose the appropriate globe valve specifications and models according to the specific circumstances.

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