How to maintain and maintain the PPR globe valve?

PPR globe valve

Maintenance and maintenance of the PPR globe valve can ensure its normal operation and extend its service life. Here are some suggestions for care and maintenance:

Periodic inspection

Check the appearance of the globe valve regularly, including the valve body, stem, packing and other parts. Check for signs of wear, corrosion, or loosening.

Keep clean

Keep the globe valve and its surroundings clean. Avoid dirt, impurities, etc. into the valve. It affects its normal work.


If the packing of the globe valve is worn or aged, it should be replaced in time. When replacing the packing, ensure that the tightness of the packing gland is moderate to avoid affecting the sealing performance of the valve.

Check sealing performance

Check the sealing performance of the stop valve regularly. If leakage is found, it should be dealt with in time. For minor leaks, sealant or gaskets can be used to repair them. For serious leaks, it may be necessary to replace the seal or the entire valve.

Periodic lubrication

When operating the stop valve, ensure good lubrication. Reduce wear and friction. Regularly fill the valve stem and bearing parts with lubricant to ensure smooth rotation.

Regulating valve

If the flow rate or sealing performance of the stop valve does not meet the requirements, appropriate adjustments can be made. Be careful when adjusting to avoid damage caused by excessive adjustment.

Repair and replacement parts

For damaged or severely worn parts, timely maintenance or replacement. For example, damaged seals, bearings, etc., should be replaced in time. For severely worn body or disc, repair or replace the entire valve.

In short, the maintenance and maintenance of the PPR globe valve requires regular inspection, keeping clean, replacing the packing, checking the sealing performance, regular lubrication, adjusting the valve and servicing replacement parts. In addition, pay attention to safety and reliability to avoid accidents. In the process of use, pay attention to observe and record the operation of the valve. Find and deal with problems in time to keep them in good working condition and extend their service life.

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