Benefits of Using Pex Pipes for Plumbing

PEX pipes

PEX pipes are also known as cross-linked polyethylene pipes. Relying on structurally modified plastics to improve impact/tensile strength, reduce shrinkage, improve high-temperature/pressure performance, as well as creep resistance, chemical resistance, and crack resistance.

Drinking water safety

In many cases, pipelines in buildings are the last place where people come into contact with water before drinking. The corrosion resistance of PEX is clearly an important factor in making it an ideal material for drinking water safety. In addition, the material can also resist leaching, pitting, and mineral accumulation.

The PEX pipeline is certified by the National Health Foundation (NSF) and CSA of the United States and is free from toxins and heavy metals. The pipeline made of this material meets the requirements of NSF P 171 (Chlorine Resistance of Plastic Pipeline Materials) and ASTM F 2023 (Standard Test Method for Evaluating the Oxidation Resistance of Crosslinked Polyethylene (PEX) Pipelines and Systems to Thermochlorinated Water) for chlorine resistance. At pH 5.0 and pH 10.0, the PEX pipeline complies with NSF/American National Standards Institute (ANSI) 61, Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects, Quality Control, and Monitoring Testing Standards.

Installation advantages

The PEX pipeline has been included in multiple projects. For example, the pipeline installed in the Green Valley Ranch residential development project at Oakwood Homes in 2001. Denver, Colorado. Paul Koch, the head of Paul Koch Plumbing, explained in an article published on the Toolbase (NAHB Research Center’s residential building information website). His staff received training from representatives of PEX pipeline manufacturers. And visited the site where the system has been successfully installed.

Koch’s team initially found it difficult to drill holes on the studs near the manifold. Align it precisely with the outlet. But they overcame this problem by drilling larger holes.

The staff found that waste/ventilation pipes should be installed before PEX to prevent damage to the pipes caused by epoxy resin. They also recommend flushing the main water supply system of the street before flowing water through the manifold. To remove sand/dirt from street routes. In order to alleviate high-altitude operations, workers used stilts commonly used by gypsum wall panel contractors. For the Oakwood project, trimming plastic pipes is similar to traditional systems. Due to the installation of copper terminals in many fixture positions during rough machining. Therefore, their connection is no different from traditional methods.

However, where there are no branches, the process is somewhat different. During the rough repair phase, these pipes are left long so that they extend all the way to the bottom of the faucet. During trimming, a special proprietary compression fitting is pressed onto the pipe end and directly connected to the thread of the faucet. As the manifold is connected during the pre installation process, once the fixing device is connected, the system can be used.

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