How to Detect and Diagnose the Fault of the Floor Heating Pipe?

Water Heating Pipes

Detection and diagnosis of the fault of the floor heating pipe can be carried out by the following steps:

Check the joint of the distribution manifold

The joints of the underfloor heating metal components and the joints of the distribution main and coil are the most common places where leaks occur. Inspect these joints for looseness, leakage, or damage.

Perform a pressure test

Close the main valve of the floor heating and press the floor heating with a manual press. Increase the pressure to 8 to 10kg and wait for half an hour. If the pressure remains the same, the floor heating pipe is not leaking. If the pressure drops, there may be a leakage problem.

Determine leakage loop

Open the valves of each circuit respectively and observe which circuit has depressurization phenomenon. A loop with significant depressurization may be a leakage loop.

Confirm the leak

When the temperature of the pipe rises, the location of the leak point will usually be warmer than the rest of the place. An infrared thermal imager can be used to help determine the location of the water leakage point. Once the central location of the leak is determined, repair work can be carried out.

Check other parts of the system

Check whether the pump of the floor heating system is working properly. Whether the amount of water is sufficient and whether the temperature is normal. If there is a problem, adjust or replace it in time.

When detecting and diagnosing the fault of the floor heating pipe, be sure to pay attention to safety. Avoid direct contact with hot water or hot pipes to avoid burns. If you are not sure how to proceed, it is recommended to contact professional heating maintenance personnel for operation.

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