How To Install PEX Press Fitting?

PEX Press Fitting

PEX press fitting offer a reliable and efficient way to join PEX pipes without the need for soldering.

Choosing the Right Tools

Start by selecting the appropriate PEX press tool size and type compatible with your fittings.

Preparing the Pipes

Cut PEX pipes cleanly and squarely using a tube cutter to ensure proper sealing with fittings.

Marking and Deburring

Mark the insertion depth on the pipe and deburr the edges to prevent damage to the O-ring in the fitting.

Inserting the Fitting

Slide the PEX fitting onto the pipe until it reaches the marked depth without twisting.

Pressing the Connection

Place the PEX press tool jaws over the fitting and pipe, then squeeze the tool handles firmly to press the fitting.

Checking the Connection

Inspect the pressed fitting to ensure it is properly secured and sealed without any gaps or visible leaks.

Repeat the Process

Continue installing PEX press fittings along the pipe run, following the same steps for each connection.

Pressure Testing

After installation, conduct a pressure test to verify the integrity of the entire PEX piping system.

Securing the Fittings

Secure PEX pipes and fittings using appropriate supports or clips to prevent movement and reduce stress.

Connecting to Fixtures

Connect PEX pipes to fixtures using compatible adapters or fittings designed for PEX press systems.

Considering Thermal Expansion

Accommodate thermal expansion by allowing for movement or installing expansion loops in longer pipe runs.

Insulating PEX Pipes

Install insulation around PEX pipes in unheated or exposed areas to prevent freezing and improve energy efficiency.

Maintenance and Inspection

Regularly inspect PEX press fittings for signs of wear, corrosion, or leaks, and replace as needed.


Installing PEX press fittings requires precision and the right tools but offers a durable and efficient plumbing solution.

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