Are Pex A And Pex B Fittings The Same?

Pex A And Pex B

PEX pipes come in various types, including PEX A and Polyethylene B. Each type has unique features and fittings. This article explores if their fittings are the same.

Understanding PEX A


PEX A represents the highest flexibility in PEX piping. It uses a peroxide method during manufacturing. This type allows for easier expansion.

Exploring PEX B

Polyethylene B is slightly stiffer than Polyethylene A. It employs a silane method for creation. This type often costs less and offers strong resistance to chemicals.

PEX A vs. Polyethylene B Fittings

Are the fittings for PolyethyleneA and Polyethylene B the same? Not always. While some fittings might interchangeably work, each type has its own preferred fitting based on its flexibility and expansion properties.

Compatibility and Use

Fittings must match the PEX type for optimal performance. Polyethylene A fittings accommodate expansion, while Polyethylene B fittings cater to its rigidity.

Installation Techniques

PEX A requires an expansion tool for fitting installation. Polyethylene B uses a crimp or clamp method. These different techniques affect the choice of fittings.

Performance Under Pressure

Both Polyethylene A and Polyethylene B handle pressure well. However, the choice of fittings may impact the long-term durability under pressure variations.

Temperature Tolerance

PEX A and Polyethylene B have different temperature tolerances. Thus, their fittings may vary to cope with these differences.

Making the Right Choice

Choose fittings based on your specific PEX type. This ensures a secure fit and avoids leaks or damage.


While Polyethylene A and PEX B may share some common fittings, they often require their own specific types to ensure proper function and durability.

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