Care and maintenance of plastic parts and copper parts

plastic fittings

The maintenance and maintenance points of plastic fittings and copper fittings are as follows:

Plastic fittings:


Dust and dirt can easily accumulate on the surface of plastic accessories. It should wipe regularly with a soft cloth and cleaned with neutral detergent if necessary. After washing, rinse well with water and let dry naturally.

Avoid high temperatures

Plastic parts are prone to deformation or aging at high temperatures. Therefore, prolonged exposure to high temperatures should be avoided. During use, keep away from heat sources or direct sunlight.

Scratch prevention

The surface of plastic parts is more fragile, should avoid hard objects scratching or collision, so as not to cause scratches or damage.

Timely replacement

If the plastic parts are found to be aging, damaged or seriously polluted, they should be replaced in time.

Copper fittings:


The surface of copper fittings is easy to oxidize and rust. It should be wiped regularly with a soft dry cloth to remove surface dirt and dust. When removing the oxide layer, the copper cleaner can be using, rinsed with water after cleaning and dried naturally.


Copper fittings are prone to rust in humid environments. It should be kept dry and treated regularly to prevent rust. Avoid contact with corrosive substances during installation or use.

Fixed fastening

Copper fittings are easy to loosen at the joints. Check and tighten the fixing screws regularly to ensure that the connection is firm and reliable.

Oxidation prevention

To prevent copper fittings from oxidizing and discoloration. Protective wax or paint can apply regularly to isolate the air.


During use, care should take to avoid hard objects scratching or colliding with copper fittings. To avoid scratches or breakage. If corrosion or deformation of copper fittings is found, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

In short, the maintenance and maintenance points of plastic parts and copper parts include regular cleaning, avoiding high temperature, preventing scratches, timely replacement, corrosion prevention, fixed fastening, oxidation prevention and maintenance. In the actual use of the process, should be based on the characteristics of different materials targeted maintenance and maintenance, to ensure its safe and reliable performance.

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