Several ways to differentiate pressure piping and gravity piping


pressure piping and gravity piping is tubular equipment that is used to transport gases or liquids using a certain amount of pressure.


1、In the outdoor, see the pipeline is connected to the valve well good thing check well: generally connected to the valve well or not connected to the well is the pressure pipeline, connected to the check well is the gravity pipeline.

2、pressure piping and gravity piping are not all about water supply and fire protection, but also pressure drains.

3、Gravity piping is generally sloped, whereas pressure piping can be unsloped.
have a slope. This is because the forward momentum of flowing water in gravity pipelines needs to be
be provided by the slope (gravity) and to compensate for the head loss along the
loss, but pressure piping has pressure because of the head provided by the pump.

4、Gravity piping is usually suspended under floor slabs or buried indoors, while pressure piping can be overhead or attached to beams or buried.

5、Valves are not normally required on gravity pipework but must be fitted on pressure pipework.


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