How many types of pipe connections are there?

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Productive life is simply inseparable from the pipeline, which can be said to be the lifeblood of a city. Far away from us because we have very little access to this area, often need professionals. Commonly used types of pipe connections methods are: threaded connection, flange connection, welding, groove connection (clamp connection), ferrule connection, card pressure connection, hot melt connection and so on.

Threaded connection

Threaded connection is the use of pipe fittings with threaded connection, pipe diameter less than or equal to 100mm galvanised steel pipe should be threaded connection, for open installation of pipes.
Steel-plastic composite pipe is generally also used threaded connection. Galvanised steel pipe using threaded connection, set of wire buckle when the destruction of the surface of the galvanised layer and the exposed part of the thread should be done to prevent corrosion.

Flanged Connection

Flange connection is the two pipelines, fittings or equipment, each fixed in a flange, and then between the two flanges plus flange gasket, and then bolted to the two flanges tighten to make it close together.
Larger diameter pipes with flange connection, flange connection is generally used in the main connection valve, check valve, water meter, pumps, etc., as well as the need for frequent dismantling, maintenance of the pipe section.

Groove connection (Clamp connection)

Trench type connector connection can be used for fire water, air conditioning hot and cold water, water supply, rainwater and other systems with a diameter greater than or equal to 100mm galvanised steel pipe, with simple operation, does not affect the original characteristics of the pipeline, construction safety, good stability of the system, easy to maintain, save time and save labour and other characteristics.

Ferrule connection

A connection in which the pipe is pressed against the fitting with a lock nut and a screw fitting. Put the fitting nut on the end of the pipe, then put the inner core of the fitting into the end, and use a spanner to tighten the fitting and the nut. Threaded ferrule crimping can also be used for copper pipe connections. The ferrule fitting is not suitable for high temperature and vibration places.

Clamping connection

Stainless steel compression fittings connection technology to replace the threaded, welded, glued and other traditional water supply pipe connection technology, with the protection of water hygiene, corrosion resistance, long service life and so on, the construction of the special sealing ring with a special socket fittings and pipeline connection, the use of special tools to tighten the mouth of the pipe to play a sealing and tightening effect, the construction of the installation is convenient, reliable and economically rational connection and other advantages.

Hot melt connection

Heat fusion connection is widely used in PP-R pipe, PB pipe, PE-RT pipe and other new pipe and fitting connection.
Pipe fittings hot fusion connection operation points: to reach the heating time. Immediately remove the pipe and pipe fittings from the heating jacket and heating head at the same time. Quickly and without rotation in a straight line uniformly inserted to the depth of the standard. So that the joints form a uniform flange.
Hot fusion connection mainly has: hot fusion socket connection and hot fusion butt welding connection. Hot fusion connection has the advantages of easy connection, long service life, not easy to corrode and so on.


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