Stainless steel bellows in the installation process safety matters

Stainless steel bellows

Stainless steel bellows need to pay attention to the following safety matters during installation:

Check the quality of the bellows

Before installation, carefully check the model, specifications, pipe configuration, size and wall thickness of the bellows. Ensure that it meets the design requirements and can withstand sufficient pressure and flow. Avoid pipeline leakage or burst accidents.

Pay attention to handling and storage

During the handling process, the bellows should not be in contact with other metals. To avoid potential damage or scratches. At the same time, the storage environment should be dry and ventilated, avoid direct sunlight and humidity. To ensure the integrity of the bellows.

Reasonable installation and connection

When installing the bellows, ensure that the connectors are intact, without defects, and securely connected. For the connection of non-stainless steel pipes, ensure that the tube is filled with argon gas protection before tungsten argon arc welding can be performed. In addition, the fixed bracket of the bellows should be made of high-quality metal materials. Ensure the stability, reliability and safety of the bellows during use.

Prevent mechanical damage

During the installation process, welding slag should be prohibited from splashing on the surface of the bellows, and other mechanical damage to the bellows should be avoided. All moving components should not be jammed by external components or limit their range of activity. The normal operation of the moving parts should be ensured.

Pay attention to the use environment

The bellows should be avoided in harsh environments such as high temperature, strong corrosion, high pressure, and high flow rate. To ensure its normal operation and life. Install protective materials where the device touches the ground. To prevent the bellows from being worn, scratched or deformed, resulting in pipe failure.

Follow installation specifications

When installing corrugated pipes, strictly follow the installation specifications. Including welding methods, temperature control, pipe cleaning, etc., to ensure that the installation quality meets the relevant standards and requirements.

Following the above safety precautions can ensure that the installation process of stainless steel bellows is safe and reliable. This provides a solid foundation for subsequent use and maintenance. At the same time, it is recommended that professionals install the corrugated pipe. Ensure installation quality and safety.

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