How to choose the raw material for pvc fittings?

pvc fittings

PVC fittings are a common construction material in our lives and are widely used in water supply, drainage and HVAC. And how to choose the raw material of PVC fittings is crucial to ensure its quality and service life. Below I will introduce some methods and precautions for selecting raw materials.

Focus on quality raw materials

Firstly, we need to choose a good quality PVC resin as the raw material for pvc fittings. Good PVC resin has characteristics such as high strength and good heat resistance, which can ensure that the fittings are not easily deformed or cracked in the process of use. In addition, we should also choose a non-toxic and environmentally friendly PVC resin to ensure that the use process will not cause harm to human health.

Consider pressure resistance

Secondly, when selecting raw materials, we also need to take into account their pressure resistance. This is because, in practice, PVC fittings are subjected to pressure from water flow or other external forces. Therefore, it is important to check carefully the pressure rating shown on the product label when purchasing and to choose according to the actual requirements.

Chemical resistance

Another important factor is chemical resistance. As pipes are often exposed to various chemicals, such as acid and alkaline solutions, it is important to choose PVC fittings with good chemical resistance when purchasing them. This will ensure that the fittings are less likely to corrode or be damaged during long-term use.

Focus on quality of appearance

In addition, we should also pay attention to the quality of the appearance of PVC fittings. When buying, it is important to check that the surface of the product is flat and smooth and that there are no obvious defects such as blemishes or air bubbles. Only fittings with good quality appearance can ensure that their internal structure and performance are also excellent.


In summary, there are a number of factors to consider when choosing a raw material for PVC fittings, including the quality of the resin, its compressive properties, its chemical resistance and the quality of its appearance. Only by considering these aspects comprehensively will we be able to choose PVC fittings that meet our requirements and are reliable and durable. We hope that you will pay more attention in your daily life and choose high-quality building materials to create a better and safer living environment for yourself and others.


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