How to connect pex tubes

PEX Compression Fittings

To connect PEX tubes, a fitting of the same material and of the right size must be used and then welded using a hot melt.First allow the thermal fuse to energise until the indicator light jumps from red to green, at which point the temperature of the thermal fuse is appropriate.The contact surfaces of the joint and the water pipe are then cleaned and the joint and the water pipe are allowed to heat up separately for at least 7 seconds, and finally they are joined together until the joint is fused and cooled before continuing with the process.

PEX Pipe

Heating welding

Firstly, the tubes is stuck into the fitting and heated to soften the PE layer in the fitting, which is then bonded to the PE in the PEX, thus achieving the purpose of the connection.

Electric fusion welding

Basically, PEX tubes also relies on melt bonding, which is the use of electric heating wires for heating in the pipe fittings; the above two types of pipe fittings used are plastic pipe fittings

Compression, Clamping connection

Special tools are used to deform fittings with special structures for connection purposes, e.g. copper fittings, galvanised fittings, etc.


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