How to choose the wall thickness of HDPE drainage pipes?


HDPE drainage pipes is one of the important components of drainage system in modern cities. It has many advantages such as excellent chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, fatigue resistance, weldability and joint sealing, etc. It is widely used in large buildings, public facilities, municipal projects and other fields.


The main nature of wall thickness selection

However, the choice of pipe wall thickness is a very important factor in the selection of HDPE drainage pipes. A reasonable wall thickness can make the pipe bear the normal water pressure and ground pressure and other forces during its service life, thus ensuring the safety, reliability and durability of the drainage system. Therefore, the choice of pipe wall thickness is a very critical aspect.

The principles are as follows

The first principle is to calculate the minimum pipe wall thickness based on the design parameters of the pipe.

The second principle is to fully consider the safety and reliability issues of HDPE drainage pipes to ensure that the pipes can withstand the various forces generated during use and that no damage and leakage will occur. Therefore, on the basis of the minimum wall thickness, the wall thickness of the pipe needs to be increased appropriately.

The third principle is to consider the economics of pipeline construction and operation. While a larger wall thickness can improve the safety and reliability of the pipeline, it can also increase the cost of the pipe and construction costs, so it is important to balance the minimum wall thickness with the economics.


The selection of wall thickness of HDPE drainage pipes is an important factor affecting the service life and safety of the pipe. In the design of the pipe, the appropriate wall thickness should be selected according to the pipe diameter, the use environment, the length of the pipe and the construction method and other factors. It is recommended to conduct economic analysis on the basis of safe wall thickness and select the optimal wall thickness.


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