Why Are PPR Fittings Different Colors?


PPR Fittings

PPR fittings are a kind of piping connection material commonly used in household and industrial buildings. It has the advantages of heat resistance, corrosion resistance and good sealing, so it is widely used in the fields of water supply, heating, air conditioning and chemical industry.

You may find that different brands or models of PPR fittings differ in color, from white to green or gray. So why are they different colors?


The reason for the different colors of PPR fittings

First,We need to understand that PPR fittings are made of polypropylene random copolymer. This material has good resistance to high temperatures and mechanical strength, and is non-polluting to water. According to international standards, PPR fittings can be distinguished using a variety of colors.

White is usually one of the most common colors. White fittings are often used in cold water systems because they reflect sunlight and keep temperatures low.

Green are often used as the identification color in water supply systems. This is because green is associated in our brains with the natural environment and health. By using the green color, people can more easily identify the water supply system and ensure the safety of drinking water.

Gray color is usually used in heating systems. Gray fittings usually have higher heat resistance and mechanical strength for heating systems in high temperature environments.

Of course, there are other colors of fittings besides white, green and gray. These colors may be due to different manufacturing processes and additives for different manufacturers or different models of pipes.

In short, PPR fittings are of different colors to facilitate people to distinguish them during installation and use. Regardless of the color, we should choose products that meet international standards and are of reliable quality, and use and maintain them properly to ensure the safety of water quality in our homes and industrial buildings.


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