How to choose MALE UPVC elbow

Introduction to UPVC Male Elbow Sizing

Choosing the right size for a UPVC male elbow is crucial. This guide provides complete steps to determine the right size for your plumbing needs. Whether you’re a DIYer or a professional, these guidelines will help ensure proper fit and effective functionality.

UPVC Drainage Pipe Elbow

Understanding UPVC Male Elbow Fittings

UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) male elbows are essential in plumbing systems. They allow changes of direction and connections between pipes. Knowing the correct size is essential to preventing leaks and ensuring a secure fit.

Measure the pipe diameter

Start by measuring the diameter of the pipe where the UPVC male elbow will be installed. Use a caliper or tape measure for accurate results. Measure the outside diameter (OD) of the male fittings.

Example: If the outer diameter of your pipe is 20mm, you will need a 20mm UPVC male elbow.

Checking the pipe wall thickness

Pipe wall thickness affects the inside diameter (ID) and fit of the UPVC male elbow. Use a caliper to measure the wall thickness. Subtract the wall thickness from the outside diameter twice to get the ID.

Example: If the outer diameter is 20mm and the wall thickness is 2mm, the inner diameter is 16mm.

Match the elbow to the pipe

Make sure the UPVC male elbow matches the pipe ID and OD. Check manufacturer specifications for compatibility. Incompatible sizes may cause leaks or fitting failures.

Example: For a pipe with an outer diameter of 20mm and an inner diameter of 16mm, use a 20mm UPVC male elbow.

Considering the nominal pressure

Different UPVC male elbows have different pressure ratings. Make sure the fitting pressure rating meets your system requirements. Check product labels and manufacturer directions.

Example: For high pressure systems, use a UPVC male elbow designed for high pressure.

Checking thread type

UPVC male elbows come with different thread types, such as BSP (British Standard Pipe) or NPT (National Pipe Thread). Make sure the thread type matches your existing fittings.

Example: For high pressure systems, use pipe elbows designed for high pressure.

View manufacturer specifications

Refer to the manufacturer’s specifications for detailed product information. Check size charts, pressure ratings and compatibility ratings. This ensures that you choose the correct fitting.

Seek professional advice

If you have questions about sizing, consult a plumbing professional. They can provide you with professional advice and ensure you select the correct pipe fittings. This will avoid costly mistakes and ensure system efficiency.


Choosing the correct size UPVC male elbow is essential for a safe and efficient plumbing system. Measure accurately, verify pressure ratings and ensure compatibility with your pipes. Follow these steps for successful installation and optimal performance.

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