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Underfloor heating systems distribute heat evenly across floors, providing efficient warmth throughout a space. Central to these systems are the pipes that circulate warm water, ensuring optimal heat transfer.

Product Name IFAN Floor Heating PEX Pipe
Color Grey,Purple,White,Black Or Customized
Size 16-32mm
Material PEX
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Types of Underfloor Heating Pipes

Two common types of pipes used in underfloor heating systems are PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) and PERT (polyethylene raised temperature). Each type has its own distinct characteristics and advantages.

Advantages of PEX Pipes

Flexibility for easy installation
Excellent resistance to corrosion and chemicals
Longevity and minimal maintenance requirements

Disadvantages of PEX Pipes

Despite their advantages, PEX pipes have some limitations. They may degrade when exposed to prolonged UV light, making them less suitable for outdoor installations or areas with extensive sunlight exposure. Additionally, PEX pipes have a maximum operating temperature limit, which may restrict their use in high-temperature applications.

PERT Underfloor Heating Pipes

PERT pipes, on the other hand, offer a balance of flexibility and strength, making them suitable for underfloor heating systems. These pipes are designed to withstand higher temperatures than PEX pipes, making them ideal for applications where elevated temperatures are required, such as hot water heating systems.

Advantages of PERT Pipes

Balance of flexibility and strength
High resistance to oxidation
Excellent thermal conductivity for efficient heat transfer
Disadvantages of PERT Pipes

Disadvantages of PERT Pipes

While PERT pipes offer several advantages, they may be prone to kinking if not handled carefully during installation. Proper installation techniques are crucial to prevent any damage to the pipes and ensure optimal performance.

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