Plumbing PEX Pipe For Water

Size: 16mm-32mm
Pressure: PN10
Color: White/Blue/Yellow color or custom
Uses: water supply
Advantages of IFAN products: free samples, high quality, preferential prices, support custom.


Product Description:

PEX pipe is a new type of pipe made of longitudinally welded aluminium pipe in the middle. Plumbing PEX Pipe For Water.The inner and outer layers of polyethylene plastic. As well as between the layer and the layer of hot melt adhesive co-extruded composite and become a new type of pipe. Polyethylene is a non-toxic, odourless plastic. It has good impact resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance.

The middle layer longitudinally welded aluminium alloy makes the pipe have the compressive strength of metal. Impact resistance makes the tube easy to bend without rebound. Aluminium-plastic composite pipe has the two main features of metal pipe strong pressure resistance and plastic pipe acid and alkali corrosion resistance, is a new generation of pipe model.

Aluminium-plastic pipe (aluminium-plastic composite pipe) is a popular pipe on the market. Because of its light weight, durable and easy to construct. As well as aluminium-plastic pipe (aluminium-plastic composite pipe) can be bent. More suitable for use in home decoration.

Plumbing PEX Pipe For Water Usage

1.Plumbing systems

PEX pipes are internally smooth, non-corrosive, do not scale, and have a 30% higher flow rate than metal pipes. Bending
It is easy and can be installed directly over the beams and columns. Can be buried in walls and concrete. A simple metal detector can detect where it is installed. So the pipe is very suitable for industry. And civil buildings in the hot and cold water piping system.

 2.Indoor gas piping systems
Longitudinally welded aluminium tube sandwiched between plastic. So that the all-purpose tube withstands high working pressure. So that the gas (oxygen) permeability is zero, and the length of the tube can reduce joints and avoid leakage. So this kind of tube is safe and reliable for compressed air, gas, oxygen and other gas transmission lines.


1, Raw materials comparison. Domestic market quality aluminium-plastic composite pipe PE materials are from abroad. Such as the United States, South Korea, if the raw materials from the recycled materials can not guarantee the quality.
2, Physical comparison. Take different brands of aluminium-plastic tube from the above aspects one by one comparison, so as to achieve the best choice.

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