PPR Water Pipe

Size: 20mm-160mm
Pressure: PN12.5-PN25
Color: Green color or custom
Uses: water supply
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Product Description:


Polypropylene random (PPR) pipe is due to its excellent performance and versatility. It is a widely used material in piping systems. Its unique structure consists of three layers. Helps increase its durability and resistance to heat, chemicals and pressure.

PPR Pipe Construction: Ensuring Durability and Performance

PPR Water Pipe adopts three-layer structure design. Ensures its strength and longevity. The inner and outer layers are made of high quality polypropylene. The middle layer is cast aluminum. Additional reinforcement available. This composite structure combines the best properties of both materials. Make the PPR pipe highly resistant to corrosion, thermal expansion and cracking. The inner layer of PPR pipe is smooth to prevent sediment accumulation. Minimizes pressure loss during fluid transfer. In addition, the aluminum layer effectively blocks the harmful effects of UV rays. Maintains hose integrity even when exposed to direct sunlight. The polypropylene outer layer offers excellent insulating properties. Makes PPR pipes suitable for hot and cold water applications.

Advantages of the PPR tube: efficient, safe and versatile

PPR pipes have many advantages over traditional pipe materials. Making it a popular choice for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

a) High resistance to temperature and pressure. PPR pipes can withstand high temperatures and are ideal for hot water supply systems. They have excellent thermal insulation properties to reduce heat loss and minimize energy consumption. Additionally, PPR piping can withstand high pressure conditions, ensuring reliable and leak-free operation.

b) Chemical and corrosion resistance. PPR pipes are highly resistant to chemicals commonly found in piping systems, such as acids, alkalis and cleaning agents. This characteristic makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, including industrial processes involving corrosive substances.

c) Long life and durability. Due to its solid construction, PPR pipe has a long service life and offers a cost-effective solution for pipe installation. They resist scaling, rust and rot, maintaining their performance over time.

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