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What is PEX pipe?

What is PEX pipe? PEX or cross-linked polyethylene is a flexible plastic that is easy to install. It comes in both wand and coil forms, giving plumbers and DIY homeowners the flexibility they need to complete any plumbing job.

Flexible PEX Tubing have been the most popular pipe solution in Europe for over 20 years. However, due to past concerns about leaching when in contact with highly chlorinated water. So it only recently became available in the United States.

By solving these problems, PEX is becoming increasingly popular in bathroom and kitchen plumbing. Colored pipes allow you to easily track hot and cold water lines. Red PEX pipes represent hot water lines and blue represent cold water lines. White and gray PEX pipes can also be used to carry hot and cold water when color coordination is not required.

Product Name IFAN Floor Heating PEX Pipe
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Size 16-32mm
Material PEX
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Benefits of PEX Piping vs. Traditional Copper Piping

For those of you wondering “What is PEX pipe?” compared to traditional copper pipe. This form of plastic has many advantages. Making it a perfect choice for plumbing. Although it is plastic, it offers advantages such as flexibility, energy saving, affordability, easy installation and corrosion resistance.

1. Flexibility
PEX pipe is made of flexible plastic. The pipes are also durable, despite quality issues in the past. Traditional metal pipes do not offer this flexibility. And need to be connected to the main line and branches separately.

With flexible pipes, plumbers don’t have to install separate connections for every fixture in your home. This allows easy connection of pipes from the main water flow to the receiving equipment. A plumber can deliver a pipe to your home without it getting stuck.

2. Corrosion resistance
The risk of corrosion is a significant disadvantage of using copper pipes. When hard water and contaminants flow through metal pipes. Metal pipes can be corroded by acidic water, scale buildup, and bacteria. This corrosion can cause leaks and burst pipes.

With PEX, the risk of a pipe bursting or leaking is virtually zero. Although PEX may show wear after years of use. But it won’t rust like traditional metal pipes. Due to its plastic material, it is completely corrosion-resistant and very durable. In rare cases, it may crack due to heavy sunlight exposure.

3. Save energy
Copper and other metals transfer heat very quickly. Therefore it is easier to lose heat quickly. This results in reduced lamp efficiency. PEX materials do not have this shortcoming.

In contrast, PEX saves energy. When hot water flows through red, white, or gray PEX pipes, the plastic heats up. But it does not spread the energy to other locations. The thick tube keeps the water warm so it’s hot when it reaches the faucet.

4. Affordability
PEX costs about one-third of the price of copper. With the previously mentioned advantages and a much cheaper price tag than metal pipes. Choosing PEX for your plumbing needs will provide superior value over choosing traditional repair components.

Compared to CPVC, the cost is similar. However, PEX pipe is significantly more valuable than other plastic pipes. Plus, you’ll need less pipe and no glue to hold the PEX pipe in place.

During the cold winter months, the last thing you want is to come home to frozen or burst pipes. PEX pipe expands as water freezes. This reduces the chance of pipes cracking or bursting and leaking.

When the water inside PEX pipes melts, it’s almost silent. You won’t notice the clanking and other damaging sounds that metal pipes make as they thaw. Once the water has fully melted, the pipes will return to their normal size. This prevents plumbing problems for years to come.

6.Easy to install
PEX is ideal for water distribution systems of all sizes and complexities. With its durable yet flexible nature. Plumbers and homeowners can easily thread it through existing pipes after a home is remodeled.

To install PEX, all you need are scissors and suitable connectors. Installing your plumbing solution is faster and easier with designated colored pipes that suit your water temperature. Plus, you don’t need welding tools, glue, or expensive equipment for a successful installation.




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