How To Connect The Broken PVC Pipe

PVC Pipe

We often encounter the phenomenon that the installed PVC sewage pipe is damaged halfway. Because the bad part is in the middle, the two ends cannot be moved, so we have to dig it again according to the previous method. The IFAN manufacturer will introduce a method to you. The tools and materials we need to prepare: hacksaw, hand hammer, PVC drain pipes, pipe hoop, PVC glue.

Here are the complete steps:

1.The PVC drainage pipe in the middle is damaged, and the holes at both ends are intact;

2.Use a hacksaw to cut off the part with holes in the middle of the PVC pipes;

3.Use a hacksaw to cut off the dividing line in the middle of the pvc coupling;

4.Put the PVC pipe joint without dividing line in the middle of the two ends of the PVC pipe just sawed off;

5.Saw a short PVC tube of the same specification. So that the length is equal to the size of the gap in the middle. And the two ends of the short PVC pipe in the middle are marked with about 1/2 of the width of the PVC coupling;

6.After applying special PVC glue on both sides of the two gaps, use a hammer to knock the two PVC couplings to the position of the marked line in the direction of the arrow;

7.According to the above method, you can easily complete the takeover of the entire PVC.

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