Plumbing PPR Plug

Uses: Water Supply/Pipe Connect

Connection method:Welding

Advantages of IFAN products: Free samples, high quality, cheap price, support custom.



PPR is short for Polypropylene (Polypropylene-Random), commonly known as type three polypropylene. Due to the use of random copolymerization technology, the strength and high temperature resistance of polypropylene are well guaranteed, thus becoming the main force of water pipe materials.

Product Name IFAN PPR Plug
Color Green,White Color Or Customized
Size 20-110mm
Material PPR
 Package OPP Bag+Carton
OEM Aviable
Sample Free Provide
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The quality control and inspection of PPR pipeline system mainly includes the following aspects:

Raw material quality inspection

Quality check of raw materials for PPR piping system. Including the inspection of raw material specifications, models, quality levels, etc. Ensure the quality of raw materials meets design requirements and relevant standards.

Production process quality control

In the production process of PPR piping system, quality inspection and control are carried out in each process. Ensure that the quality of each process meets the requirements to avoid non-conforming products.

Finished product quality inspection

Quality inspection of finished PPR piping system. Including appearance quality, dimensional accuracy, performance test and so on. Ensure the quality of the finished product complies with relevant standards.

Hydraulic test and water capacity test

Water pressure test and water capacity inspection of PPR pipeline system were carried out. Check whether the pressure resistance and water flow capacity of the pipeline meet the design requirements and related standards.

The water quality inspection certificate of the health and epidemic prevention department

PPR pipeline system must obtain the water quality inspection certificate of the health and epidemic prevention department. To ensure that the water quality of the pipeline system meets the relevant standards and regulations.

Engineering quality accident handling records

In the construction process of PPR pipeline system, if there is a project quality accident, it must be recorded and dealt with. And take corresponding measures to rectify and prevent.

Project quality inspection and evaluation records

Inspect and evaluate the engineering quality of PPR pipeline system. And fill in the corresponding record form. Ensure project quality meets relevant standards and regulations.

In summary, the quality control and inspection of PPR pipeline system involves raw material quality inspection, production process quality control, finished product quality inspection, water pressure test and water flow capacity inspection, water quality inspection certificate of health and epidemic prevention department, as well as engineering quality accident handling records and engineering quality inspection and evaluation records. Only by strictly controlling the quality of these links can we ensure that the performance and quality of PPR pipeline system meet the requirements. And to provide users with safe and reliable water supply services.



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