Glass Fiber PPR Pipe

Size: 20mm-160mm
Pressure: PN12.5-PN25
Color: Gray color or custom
Uses: water supply
Advantages of IFAN products: free samples, high quality, preferential prices, support custom.


What is glass fiber ppr pipe?

Glass fiber ppr pipe is a high-performance pipe produced by multilayer coextrusion, low temperature and high speed through special technology and equipment.

Fiber-Glass PPR Water Pipe


1. The coefficient of linear expansion is only about 20~30% of ordinary ppr pipe and ppr pipe fittings; it completely solves the problem of expansion and contraction of plastic pipes.

2. The rigidity of the pipe is enhanced to prevent the sagging of the pipe, and at the same time, the density and number of fixed support points are reduced, thereby reducing the overall cost of the project.

3. The pressure resistance level is higher, and the service life is longer under the usual design vibration force.

4. Better high temperature resistance, obvious effect of energy saving and consumption reduction; glass fiber ppr pipe is used in hot water systems, and the normal use temperature can reach 95~100 °C, which not only increases the temperature of the medium used, but also reduces the thermal insulation material. Thickness, its comprehensive cost is lower.

5. On the condition of same pressure, the thicken glass fiber ppr pipe wall can increase the water flow by 20%.

6. The problem of oxygen permeability of the pipeline is solved. The inner surface is non-toxic and has a better sealing so as to prevent the formation of water moss. The middle layer’s composition can isolate air completely to inhibit the growth of algae.


glass fiber ppr pipe is not easy to expand and with a better  rigidity, Even shining by the ultraviolet rays for a long time will not affect the product. Also, it can bear the water pressure perfectly and can be applied in a relatively high temperature environment. There is no oxygen entering duo to the good sealing, and the  sphagnum will not be formed inside, which belongs to the healthy pipe.

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