PE HDPE Pipe Fittings

Uses: Water Supply/Pipe Connect

Connection method:Thread

Advantages of IFAN products: Free samples, high quality, cheap price, support custom.



HDPE pipes are widely used for various applications due to their durability and flexibility. Proper joining methods are crucial for ensuring reliable connections. Additionally, dealing with burst HDPE pipe fittings requires immediate attention to prevent further damage.

Product Name IFAN HDPE Pipe Fitting
Color Black,blue,grey Color Or Customized
Size 16-32mm
Material HDPE
 Package OPP Bag+Carton
OEM Aviable
Sample Free Provide
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Compatibility of PP Compression Fittings with HDPE Pipes:

1.Understanding Compatibility:
PP compression fittings are generally compatible with HDPE pipes, but certain considerations must be addressed.
2.Material Compatibility:
Ensure that both the HDPE pipes and PP compression fittings are made from compatible materials for a secure connection.
3.Size and Dimension Compatibility:
Confirm that the size and dimensions of the PP compression fittings match those of the HDPE pipes for proper installation.
4.Installation Process:
Follow manufacturer guidelines and industry standards when installing PP compression fittings on HDPE pipes.
5.Tightening Procedure:
Use proper tools and techniques to tighten PP compression fittings onto HDPE pipes securely.

Advantages of Using PP Compression Fittings with HDPE Pipes:

PP compression fittings offer versatility, allowing for easy installation on various types of pipes, including HDPE.
The simplicity of PP compression fittings makes them convenient for quick and hassle-free installation on HDPE pipes.
3.Leak Resistance:
When properly installed, PP compression fittings provide a reliable seal, minimizing the risk of leaks in HDPE pipe systems.
4.Durable Connection:
The combination of HDPE pipes and PP compression fittings creates a durable and long-lasting connection, ensuring system integrity.
PP compression fittings offer cost-effective solutions for joining HDPE pipes compared to other methods.

Installation Guidelines for HDPE Pipe Fittings:

Clean and prepare the HDPE pipe ends and PP compression fittings before installation to ensure a proper seal.
Apply lubricant to the pipe ends and fitting sockets to facilitate smooth installation and prevent damage.
Ensure proper alignment of the HDPE pipe and PP compression fitting before tightening to avoid misalignment issues.
Use a suitable wrench to tighten the compression nut gradually until a secure connection is achieved without over-tightening.
After installation, perform a pressure test to verify the integrity of the connection and ensure leak-free operation.

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