What is the difference between copper nozzle and the others?

copper water nozzle

The difference between copper water nozzle and other materials is as follows:


Copper nozzle is made of copper alloy. It has high corrosion resistance and antibacterial properties and long service life. Other materials such as plastic, zinc alloy, etc. Its corrosion resistance and antibacterial properties are relatively poor, and its service life is short.


Copper nozzle surface appears yellow or gold. It has a noble and elegant appearance, and is more beautiful compared with other materials.


Copper water nozzle has good heat resistance and frost resistance. It can be used in different temperature conditions. Other materials of the water nozzle in terms of heat and frost resistance may have certain limitations.


Copper water nozzle has strong adaptability to water quality. It is not easy to breed bacteria, and it is safer and more hygienic to use. Other materials of the water nozzle in the process of use may have the problem of breeding bacteria. It has a certain effect on health.


The price of copper water nozzle is relatively high, but the service life is long. Long-term use of cost-effective or relatively high. The price of other materials is relatively low. But it needs to be replaced frequently, and the cost may increase over the long term.

In summary, compared with other materials, copper water nozzle has the advantages of higher corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, good functionality, high safety and moderate price. However, when choosing the water nozzle, it is also necessary to choose the appropriate material and brand according to the specific use environment and needs. Chuangrong.

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