How to Choose the Correct Outdoor Faucet Size


Every year, hundreds of thousands of homeowners replace their existing outdoor faucets. One of the most important questions that may come to mind is “What size of socket do I need.Choosing the correct stem length is a useful starting point for determining the size of outdoor faucets required for your home.

Where is your faucet located?

A. Pipe connection to inner wall (dry wall), 2 inches to 6 inches, depending on the wall panel and wall depth
Please refer to the top half of the AQUOR size guide illustration for reference, as shown in the following figure.
Stud size (2×4 or 2×6)

What wall panels do you have?

Hardie lap wall panel with 2×4 studs – tightly bonded to elbow inlet

Hardie Lapped Wall Panel with 2×6 Studs -4 “with Elbow Inlet

Plaster wall panel with 2×4 studs – tightly bonded to elbow inlet

Plaster wall panel with 2×6 studs -4 “with elbow inlet

Brick wall panel with 2×6 studs -6 “with elbow inlet

B. The pipeline is connected in open areas (basement/crawling space) -8 inches to 12 inches+. It depends on the wall panel and wall depth.
The fire hydrant rod must be long enough to clean the walls and be comfortably placed in an open space. The length is likely to be between 8 inches and 12 inches.The size depends on how far the current pipeline is behind the crawling space or basement. Evaluate your settings and consider wall panels.

C. Pipeline connection in floor joists/T-shaped walls.The installation of floor joists and T-shaped walls allows for longer lengths of fire hydrants, even if they are located inside the wall. Outdoor faucets are usually placed at T-shaped wall locations. To adapt to longer lengths for frost protection (especially in colder areas).

*It is worth noting that some houses may have unique settings. Not following typical outdoor faucet size guidelines.

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