What is the cause of leakage of sliding pipe fittings?

sliding pipe fittings

There are many reasons for leakage of sliding pipe fittings, and the following are some common reasons:

Manufacturing defect

In the manufacturing process, the slip pipe fittings may have some manufacturing defects. Such as unstable welding and uneven sealing surface processing.

Improper use

When using the slide pipe fitting, if the operation is not correct or the installation is not correct, the connection may be loose or damaged, resulting in leakage.


If the slide pipe fittings are exposed to a corrosive environment. Such as acidic gases or liquids, their material may be corroded, resulting in leakage.


In the course of long-term use, the slide pipe fittings may be subjected to wear or collision, resulting in damage to the sealing surface or loosening of the joint, and eventually causing leakage.

Temperature change

The temperature change may cause the expansion or contraction of the sliding pipe fitting, resulting in loosening of the joint or a change in the sealing surface pressure, resulting in leakage.

Pressure fluctuation

Pressure fluctuations can cause loose or damaged joints of the slide fittings, resulting in leaks.


Slide pipe fittings have a certain service life, if the use time is too long, it may lead to aging or damage to the sealing material, resulting in leakage.

It should be noted that the specific reasons may vary depending on the type, specification and use environment of the sliding pipe fittings. Therefore, in the actual use of the process, should follow the relevant operating procedures and technical requirements. If in doubt should consult professional and technical personnel or manufacturer’s advice.

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