Effect of wall thickness of PPH tube on performance

pph pipe

The wall thickness of PPH pipe has an important impact on the performance, which is reflected in the following aspects:

Strength and pressure resistance

The wall thickness of PPH pipe directly affects its strength and pressure resistance. With the increase of wall thickness, the strength and pressure resistance of the tube will be improved accordingly. Under higher pressure and temperature conditions, thick-walled PPH pipes can better withstand the impact of external pressure and internal water flow.

Flow and resistance

The wall thickness of PPH pipe has a direct relationship with its flow rate and resistance. Thicker tube walls can reduce the roughness of the inner wall of the tube. Reduce water flow resistance and increase flow. At the same time, the thick-walled PPH pipe can also withstand higher water pressure. Ensure a steady flow of water.

Corrosion resistance

The wall thickness of the PPH pipe also has an effect on its corrosion resistance. Thick-walled PPH tubes are better resistant to chemical media and microbial attack. Extend the service life of the pipe. In addition, thick-walled PPH tubes are better able to isolate oxygen and water vapor. Prevent pipe oxidation and aging.

Cost and weight

The wall thickness of the PPH pipe also directly affects its cost and weight. Thicker tube walls require more raw materials and energy to produce, resulting in increased costs. At the same time, thick-walled PPH tubes are also heavier. It increases the difficulty and cost of transportation and installation.

In summary, the wall thickness of PPH tube has an important influence on its performance. When selecting a suitable PPH pipe, the wall thickness of the pipe should be considered according to the actual application scenario and design requirements. On the premise of ensuring performance, choosing a thinner tube wall can reduce cost and weight and improve economic efficiency. At the same time, reasonable control of pipe wall thickness can also improve production efficiency and quality. Contribute to green building and sustainable development.

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