What is a Non Return Valve?

Brass Valve

Non return valve are important components in air systems. Can be found anywhere in the loop. Their function is to open to allow air to flow in and prevent air from flowing back downstream. Small and often simply designed check valves are lightweight components.

How does a check valve work?

These types of valves consist of a ball or diaphragm, sometimes assisted by a spring. The valve only opens when the inlet pressure exceeds the outlet pressure (also called cracking pressure). The mechanism of the valve does not allow air to flow from the outlet to the inlet.

How to choose a check valve?

There are several different check valves available depending on the application. These check valves are divided into heavy duty check valves and standard check valves. Multiple valves can be used in the system as needed.

Available sizes range from 4mm OD to 12mm OD with variable port sizes. Non Return Valve can be threaded or push-in. Made of materials such as brass, aluminum or composite materials.

When selecting a check valve, consider the following factors:

Pressure/flow/temperature/opening pressure/connect

Types of check valves

There are many different types of check valves available depending on the size of the operation and required pressure. Check valves are divided into heavy-duty and standard categories.

Heavy Duty Check Valve: This type of Non Return Valve is made of brass and is available in a variety of sizes. Can operate at high pressures from 0.3 bar to 16 bar (232 psi). Opening pressure is 0.1 bar (1 psi).

Check Valves: Check valves are typically made of aluminum and are available in a variety of sizes. Operating pressure range is 0.1 to 10 bar (1.4 to 145 psi). Cracking pressure is 0.05 bar (0,7 psi).

Pneufit C series: Check valves with push-in connections, 4mm-16mm outer diameter. Maximum operating pressure is 10 bar (145 psi). They are also made of nickel-plated brass for corrosion resistance.

Typical applications of check valves

Check valves can be used in any machine or process where backflow can be a problem and needs to be avoided. They are found in many industrial automation and process applications.

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