What Are The Main Uses of PPR Pipe?

PPR Pipe

PPR pipes have grown in popularity over the past few years. And rightfully so. Its durability, ecological and economic benefits make PPR pipes one of the best in the industry. This is why most industry leaders are turning to PPR pipelines for all their needs.

What is the PPR Pipe?

PPR Pipe

First of all, what exactly is PPR pipe? PPR pipe is also called polypropylene random copolymer. It is a cylindrical rigid pipe made of PPR. Pipes are produced through a continuous process called extrusion. These pipes are usually white or green.

Most PPR pipes are 20mm to 110mm in diameter. This means that PPR pipe is thicker than its PVC counterpart. In addition to this, PPR piping also has a network of fittings, fittings and parts. These fittings are suitable for every PPR pipes diameter.

Same as all other tubing. PPR pipes also have their unique properties. These properties set it apart from other pipes. Learn more about the following PPR water tube properties:

1.Low thermal conductivity

The first thing that should be noted about PPR pipes is their low thermal conductivity. This means that the outside temperature will not affect the liquid inside the pipe. Likewise, the temperature of the liquid will not escape to the external environment. This is why PPR water pipe minimizes heat loss or heat gain during the transfer of hot and cold fluids. Use PPR pipes to ensure efficiency and reduce costs.

2.Extend life

Green PPR pipe can serve you for more than 50 years in different environmental conditions and a wide range of fluids. What’s more, PPR pipes

can withstand hot and cold water system. To help you understand, PPR pipes can withstand the pressure and strain of hot water without breaking. Of course, the premise is that the 50-year lifespan can only be guaranteed under normal use conditions. Such as protecting pipelines in extreme weather.

3.Ecological and economical efficiency

PPR pipes are easy to transport, cut and join. These pipes are also easy to use. No additional chemicals and materials are required.

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