Water Use UPVC Fitting

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Specification Chair Armchair Sofas
Height 37" 42" 42"
Width 26.5" 32.5" 142"
Depth 19.5" 22.5" 24.5"
Assembly Required No No Yes
Packaging Type Box Box Box
Package Weight 55 lbs. 64 lbs. 180 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions 27" x 26" x 39" 45" x 35" x 24" 46" x 142" x 25"



UPVC pipe fittings are widely used in many industries due to their numerous advantages. These fittings come in various standards and sizes to suit different applications. In this article, we will introduce the different types of standard UPVC pipe fitting, the advantages of UPVC pipe fitting, and how to select the right size for your plastic pipes.

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Size 1/2″-2″
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Grey Pvc Pipe Joints And Fittings

Improving the safety of UPVC pipe fittings can be started from the following aspects:

Select high quality pipes

When purchasing UPVC pipe fittings, products with reliable quality and compliance with standards should be selected. Check conformity certificates and certifications of products to ensure they meet engineering requirements and safety standards.

Strictly follow installation specifications

When installing UPVC fittings, strictly follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions and related specifications. Ensure that the piping system is installed correctly and firmly to avoid improper connection, dislocation and other problems.

Rational design of pipeline system

When designing the pipe system, the characteristics and operating conditions of UPVC pipe fittings should be fully considered. Set the expansion joint reasonably, avoid excessive bending and stretching, and reduce the stress of the pipeline system. At the same time, pay attention to the protective measures when parallel or cross laying with other pipelines, such as adding metal sleeves.

Strengthen process control and improve construction quality

In the construction process, attention should be paid to the use and connection of pipe fittings. Diagonal tee or diagonal tee should be installed at the connection between the riser and the transverse branch pipe to reduce the chance of pipeline blockage. Reduce the formation of water tongue flow at the connection, the pressure fluctuation of the drainage system is small, the water seal of the sanitary equipment is not easy to be destroyed, and the toxic and harmful gases of the drainage pipe are not easy to invade the room.

Protection against chemical corrosion

UPVC fittings may be sensitive to certain chemicals. Therefore, during installation and use, direct contact between pipelines and these substances should be avoided. If the pipeline needs to pass through chemically corroded areas, appropriate protective measures should be taken.

Regular maintenance and inspection

The UPVC piping system that has been installed should be regularly maintained and inspected. Promptly detect and repair any wear, cracks or other damage problems to ensure the normal operation and safe use of the piping system.

Consider fire prevention measures

Although the UPVC tube itself has a certain flame retardant performance, it is still necessary to consider fire prevention measures in special environments. Such as the use of metal drainage pipes or the branch pipe to take strict fire prevention measures, such as steel casing, inorganic fire casing, etc.

To sum up, improving the safety of UPVC pipe fittings needs to be comprehensively considered from many aspects such as material selection, installation, design, construction and maintenance. Ensure the quality and safety performance of the piping system meet the requirements.



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