Water Plumbing Brass Check Valve

Product Name: Water Plumbing Brass Check Valve

Size:1/2 inch -4 inch

Keyword: non return check valve

Type: Metal Check Valves, One way

Raw material: Brass  (100% New Material)

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Product Description:

Brass Check Valve

Install The Brass Check Valve:

1. After purchasing a check valve, determine the function of each part and then piece together the product picture. At this time, there is no need to use glue. After the splicing is completed, confirm that there is no error before installing the check valve.

2. Determine the installation position of the check valve and leave enough space, then have the check valve installed by a professional.

3. Place the brass check valve in the determined position, and then use the special glue to paste it. At this time, it should be noted that the check valve needs to be placed horizontally, not tilted to work. And the arrow on the check valve needs to be the same as the flow direction of the liquid in the water pipe to avoid reverse flow.

4. After installation, wait a few hours, so that the water flow normal operation, to see whether there will be leakage phenoment. Judge whether it can be used normally. It should be noted that you must wait until the glue to stick the check valve is dry before reducing the water test work.

Pay Attention:

Check valves can be installed before and after the pump. Installing the brass check valve inside the pump allows you to fill the pump with water once without pumping. And when the liquid level is higher than the pump, the check valve is installed behind the pump. It is not necessary to close the outlet valve of the pump when starting and stopping the pump to control the pumping system in the parent body and prevent backflow.

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