Water Tank Brass Float Valve

Product Name: Water Tank Brass Float Valve

Size:1/2 inch -1 inch

Keyword: Float Valve

Raw material: Brass  (100% New Material) ,Plastic Ball

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Product Description:

Brass Float Valve

What are the advantages of brass float valve?

No monitoring is required. Level control operation is automatically regulated.
Once the desired level is reached, the water stops, avoiding overflow or overfill.
No electricity required, economical. Useful for tank level control in remote areas where electricity is not available.

The difference between ball valve and float valve:

Ball valve is a kind of valve, is the valve spool (sealing part) is a ball structure, applied to the pipeline to cut off the air or water flow; Float valve is because one end of the switching lever is a hollow sealing ball, through the liquid buoyancy automatically control the valve switch. There is a big difference between these two terms.

Working principle of float ball valve:

The float of the float valve always floats on the water surface, when the water level rises, the float also rises. When the water level in the tank is low. The floating ball with the water level down. The piston in the valve body through the fixed floating ball connecting rod to pull outwards. So that the valve body and the piston gap between the tap water can enter the tank. When the water level of the water tank reaches a certain height. The floating ball with the water level rise with the force generated by the connecting rod.

The valve is pushed into the valve body of the piston to the valve body because the top of the piston is installed with a tight sealing rubber pad. The valve body is mounted in the water outlet relatively The outlet in the valve body is relatively flat and smooth because of the tight sealing rubber pad on the top of the piston. When the buoyancy of the ball exceeds the pressure of the tap water. The piston fitted with a tight sealing rubber gasket seals tightly with the outlet in the valve body and the tap water is shut off by the float valve.

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