PEX Compression Fitting Female Tees

Size: 16mm-32mm
Pressure: PN25
Color: Brass/Silver or custom
Uses: water supply
Advantages of IFAN products: free samples, high quality, preferential prices, support custom.


Product Description:

PEX Compression Fitting

PEX compression fitting female tee is often used in plumbing systems to connect PEX pipes. This type of fitting has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using PEX compression fitting female tees.


1. Easy to Install: PEX compression fitting female tee is simple to install. It does not require any advanced plumbing knowledge or tools. All you need is a wrench and pipe cutter.

2. Leak-Free: PEX compression fitting female tee ensures a tight and secure connection, which reduces the chances of leaks. This is due to the compression ring that creates a watertight seal.

3. Cost-Effective: PEX compression fitting female tee is an affordable option compared to other types of fittings, making it a popular choice for plumbing projects.

4. Flexible: PEX pipes are flexible, which makes them easy to install around corners and tight spaces. This flexibility is maintained with the use of PEX compression fitting female tee.


1. Limited Compatibility: PEX compression fitting female tee is only compatible with PEX pipes. If you have a different type of pipe material in your plumbing system, you may need to choose a different fitting.

2. Limited Temperature Range: PEX pipes have a limited temperature range and should not be exposed to temperatures above 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This may limit the applications for which PEX compression fitting female tee can be used.

3. Durability: Although PEX pipes are known for their durability, PEX compression fitting female tee may be more susceptible to damage when exposed to direct sunlight or UV rays.

In conclusion, PEX compression fitting female tee offers a variety of benefits for plumbing projects, can be easily installed, and is cost-effective. However, it may not be compatible with all types of pipes and has a limited temperature range. Always consult with a professional plumber before making any plumbing changes or installations.

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