Plastic Water CPVC Pipe Fittings

Uses: Water Supply/Pipe Connect

Connection method:PVC Glue

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Size and packaging guidelines

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Specification Chair Armchair Sofas
Height 37" 42" 42"
Width 26.5" 32.5" 142"
Depth 19.5" 22.5" 24.5"
Assembly Required No No Yes
Packaging Type Box Box Box
Package Weight 55 lbs. 64 lbs. 180 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions 27" x 26" x 39" 45" x 35" x 24" 46" x 142" x 25"



CPVC pipe fittings are essential components used in plumbing systems. They play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth flow of water and other fluids in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Product Name IFAN CPVC ASTM2846 Pipe Fitting
Color Cream Color Or Customized
Size 1/2”-2”
Material CPVC
 Package OPP Bag+Carton
OEM Aviable
Sample Free Provide
Contact US Whatsapp:+8613373827623 E-mail:[email protected]

1.What are CPVC Pipe Fitting?

CPVC fittings are made from Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC), a thermoplastic material known for its excellent chemical resistance and high-temperature capabilities. These fittings are designed to connect CPVC pipes securely and reliably.

2.Features of CPVC Pipe Fittings:

CPVC pipe fitting offer several key features:

Excellent Chemical Resistance: CPVC is highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals, making it suitable for corrosive environments.
High-Temperature Tolerance: CPVC can handle higher temperatures than regular PVC, making it suitable for hot water applications.

Easy Installation: CPVC fittings are lightweight and easy to install, requiring fewer tools and less effort.

Durable and Long-Lasting: CPVC fittings are known for their durability and longevity, offering years of reliable service.

3.Benefits of CPVC Fittings: Using CPVC pipe fittings provides several advantages:

Corrosion Resistance: The inherent chemical resistance of CPVC ensures that the fittings remain unaffected by corrosive substances present in the fluid being transported.

Thermal Insulation: CPVC pipe fitting have low thermal conductivity, minimizing heat loss and improving energy efficiency in hot water systems.

Cost-Effective: CPVC pipe fitting are relatively affordable compared to other materials, providing cost savings without compromising quality.

Versatility: CPVC fitting can be used in a wide range of applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

4.Common Uses of CPVC Pipe Fittings: CPVC pipe fittings are widely used in various applications, including:

Residential Plumbing: CPVC fittings are commonly used in residential plumbing systems for hot and cold water distribution.

Industrial Piping: CPVC fittings are suitable for industrial applications such as chemical processing, wastewater treatment, and fire sprinkler systems.

Commercial Buildings: CPVC pipe fitting are used in commercial buildings for applications like HVAC systems, chilled water lines, and water supply networks.

5.Installation Tips for CPVC Pipe Fittings: Proper installation is crucial for the performance and longevity of CPVC pipe fittings:

Prepare the Pipes: Clean and deburr the pipe ends before installing the fittings to ensure a proper connection.

Use the Correct Solvent Cement: Choose a solvent cement specifically designed for CPVC pipes and fitting to create a strong and leak-free joint.

Follow Manufacturer Guidelines: Adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions regarding temperature and pressure limitations, curing times, and application techniques.

CPVC Pipe Fitting

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