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UPVC pipe fittings are widely used in many industries due to their numerous advantages. These fittings come in various standards and sizes to suit different applications. In this article, we will introduce the different types of standard UPVC pipe fitting, the advantages of UPVC pipe fitting, and how to select the right size for your plastic pipes.

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The connection methods of UPVC pipe fittings mainly include the following: socket connection, butt connection, threaded connection, flange connection, adhesive connection and welded connection. Each connection has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Applicable to different scenarios and requirements.

Socket connection

  • Advantages: Suitable for UPVC pipe with small diameter. The connection is simple and fast, and the connection is secure when pressed with a special tool.
  • Disadvantages: For larger diameter pipes, the socket connection may not be strong enough. Other connection methods are required.

Butt joint

  • Advantages: Suitable for UPVC pipe with large diameter, it is softened by heating pipe after docking. Cooling and fixing ensures tightness and strength of the joint.
  • Disadvantages: Professional heating equipment and operating skills are required, and the operation process is relatively complex.

Threaded connection

  • Advantages: Suitable for pipes that require frequent disassembly and maintenance. Easy connection and disassembly with dedicated UPVC threaded fittings.
  • Disadvantages: Threaded connections may not be strong enough in high pressure or high impact environments. And the requirements for pipes and fittings are higher.

Flange connection

  • Advantages: Suitable for situations where connection to other types of pipes or equipment is required. The use of flange fittings makes it easy to connect UPVC pipes to other pipes or equipment.
  • Disadvantages: The cost of flange connection is relatively high, and the installation process requires certain professional skills.

Adhesive joint

  • Advantages: The use of special glue to glue the pipe together with the pipe fittings or pipes. Suitable for small diameter pipe, strong connection and low cost.
  • Disadvantages: The quality and operation skills of the glue have a great impact on the connection effect. Improper operation may result in leakage or disconnection of the joint.

Welded joint

  • Advantages: Suitable for large diameter pipes. High welding connection strength, good sealing, suitable for high temperature, high pressure and other special occasions.
  • Disadvantages: Welding connections require specialized equipment and operating skills. The operation process is complex and costly.

When choosing the connection method of UPVC pipe fittings, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the specific pipe diameter, working pressure, use environment and installation requirements. Different connection modes have their own applicable scenarios and advantages and disadvantages. Proper selection and use of the connection method can ensure the safety, reliability and economy of the pipeline system.



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