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PEX Water Pipe

Also known as cross-linked polythene, a PEX pipe is a form of flexible plastic that is used for plumbing purposes. PEX pipes are slowly taking over and replacing the traditional steel and copper that was initially used in water supply lines. The best thing about PEX pipes is that they are easy to install and you do not need to call a plumber to come fix them for you, convenient, right? In this brief piece, we are going to look at the different types of pex pipes, outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each. Read on.

Types Of PEX Pipes

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There are different types of PEX pipes on the market today. They are primarily differentiated by pex pipe manufacturers and their different manufacturing processes. These differences will help you choose the Pex pipe that best suits your needs. After all, not everyone has the same plumbing needs, and water systems are built differently.


This type of PEX pipe is manufactured using peroxide. The most flexible PEX pipe on the market. It works on all home plumbing systems, including extremely cold water systems. This PEX pipe is crack-resistant and perfect for you. However, this PEX pipe is quite expensive and you will be forced to spend a little more, but it is totally worth the investment.


This type of PEX pipe is manufactured using a moisture-cure method. It is a bit stiffer than PEX-A and it usually goes back to its original coiled state, a special feature most often referred to as the coil memory. However, this does not mean that this PEX pipe is difficult to install. Infact, it is the most sought after pex tubing for residential plumbing purposes.

Just like PEX-A this PEX pipe also expands in case of freezing, hence no cracking of the pipe. PEX-B is also known for its high resistance to chlorine which makes it ideal for areas with highly chlorinated water. In comparison to PEX-A, this PEX pipe is quite cost friendly, making it easier for you to acquire it.


This PEX pipe type is manufactured using an irradiation method. It is the most rigid PEX pipe, making it the most difficult to work with. Its stiffness makes it more prone to cracking in case of freezing. The PEX-C is most likely your go to PEX pipe for short-term repairs in your plumbing system. You might also want to consider using it for pex pipe fittings where there are no bendings or sharp corners. Depending on the brand of PEX pipe and the diameter, you will be able to find this PEX pipe type at relatively low prices.

Advantages of PEX Pipes

1.As compared to copper and galvanized steel, a PEX pipe does not require a pro to install, you can easily fix them on your own by simply following guidelines.

2.PEX pipes expand, which makes them ideal for all water supply systems, even those that contain freezing water.

3.With the right fitting, you can connect PEX to already existing metal supply lines.

4.Due to the different colors of PEX pipes( blue and red), you can easily distinguish between hot and cold water supply lines.

5.PEX pipes do not corrode, which makes them ideal for long term plumbing solutions, as opposed to copper and steel pipes.

6.Water flow in PEX pipes is silent, hence eliminating the water hammer which is usually associated with metal pipes.

Disadvantages of PEX Pipes

1.PEX pipes are not ideal for outdoor use mainly due to ultraviolet rays from the sun which causes them to break down quickly.

2.PEX cannot be recycled, which makes it a less environmentally friendly option.

3.The installation of PEX pipes requires special tools which you cannot do without.


PEX is the way to go if you are looking to improve your plumbing system. Say goodbye to all the issues that used to come with copper and steel pipes, the most common one being corrosion, which is very dangerous especially for drinking water supply lines. PEX offers you flexibility and allows you to do it by yourself, which is what most homeowners want. However, make sure that you go for the best type of PEX pipe which will serve you a long period of time. For more information on PEX pipes and how to choose one for yourself, check out our IFAN website.

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