HDPE Water Pipe Water Pressure Test Method

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The water pressure test of HDPE water supply pipes has passed the installation acceptance of HDPE water supply pipes in each section. The pressure test can only be conducted on a 12m long pipe section on both sides of the elbow and tee, and the pipe top is 50cm away from the soil. To prevent pipeline displacement. The pressure testing standard for HDPE water supply pipeline engineering is 0.8Mpa. After the pressure stabilizes, check the interface and pipe body for any damage or leakage, and the pipeline strength test is qualified.

Pressure testing method for HDPE water pipe

1.Pipeline pressure test

When testing the pressure of HDPE water pipe, use fire hydrants to inject water at low points through fire isolation belts. And adjust the total water consumption according to the required length. When starting water injection, first open the exhaust valve, and after the exhaust valve exits, close the water injection and exhaust valves to conduct initial pressure testing. After filling the test section with water, maintain a positive water pressure. Fully immerse for no less than 12 hours. Check for any leakage at the joints.

2.Initial stage of pressure testing

At the initial stage of suppression, the pressure slowly rises and is tested every 0.2Mpa. When approaching 0.5Mpa, conduct a safety test for a period of time. Open the exhaust valve to exhaust, and then maintain the pressure to 0.6Mpa. Keep the test pressure constant for 10 minutes before the test. Every time the pressure increases, the pipeline must be checked. Only when there are no problems can we continue with the next step of suppression.

3.Pipeline pressure relief

When releasing pressure, the test pressure drops to 0.7Mpa. When releasing water, open the exhaust valve at the same time. Release water to the drainage point. If no water is visible, calculate the displacement. According to construction requirements, the suppression time is 1-2 days. The back should be placed on the original soil or artificial back. When the soil is soft, a square wooden block should be placed in front of the original soil back, leveled and compacted to ensure the stability of the entire back.

Precautions for pressure testing of HDPE water pipes

1.Elbows, tees, and other pipe fittings need to be anchored, and the forks should be tightly closed to prevent water seepage.

2.It is not allowed to use gate valves as barrier plates for testing HDPE water supply pipes, and there are no accessories such as fire hydrants, water hammer arresters, safety valves, etc.

3.The valve was in a fully open state during the test.

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