Why We Recommend PEX Tubing Over Copper Piping

PEX tubing

In the past few decades, cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipes have swept the pipeline industry. The cost of PEX is much lower than that of copper pipelines. And the installation process is also easier. Therefore, it is not surprising that it has become a viable alternative to the old standard copper tube. In this article, we will guide you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each method.


Unlike rigid copper pipes, PEX has flexibility. Can bend in different directions. It can be formed by turning around. And there is no need for a 90 ° elbow joint at every connection like copper pipes. The main value of having fewer joints is to greatly shorten installation time and improve reliability. But less turbulent water flow can also lead to higher water pressure at the fixed device and quieter pipelines.

PEX is stored and transported on large spools. Therefore, it is easy to cut and install long pipes. It can be ‘dragged’ into difficult to reach areas and bypassed obstacles. On the other hand, copper pipes are rigid. Need to be connected together to form longer parts.

In order to connect the various parts of the copper pipe, it is necessary to apply flux. Then use a high-temperature welding gun to weld the end. PEX does not require any flames. Use the expansion tool to “stretch” the end of the pipe, then slide the pipe over the joint and immediately shrink. Although this method is fast, when the tube contracts, it maintains tightness through a radial force of one thousand pounds. Thus forming a durable and long-lasting connection.

Durability and Maintenance

Route PEX directly from the allocation point to its source. No need to cut or splice pipes. This means that you can also avoid potential failure points and save on connector costs. Fewer accessories also reduce the likelihood of leaks and other problems.

Although the installation time of copper pipes is much longer, they do provide a longer overall service life. Copper manufacturers typically offer a 50 year warranty period. PEX offers a 25 year warranty. But of course, this may vary depending on the supplier.

Please remember, even if the total service life is longer. Copper pipes are also more susceptible to corrosion and pinhole leakage. Under normal circumstances, copper has antibacterial effects. This means that it can resist the accumulation of bacteria. But if you have “hard” or acidic water at home. Over time, it will corrode the pipeline. And may seep copper, lead, or other pollutants into your water supply system.

Another advantage of using PEX pipes with household fire hydrants is that they are easy to clean and maintain. Although every house should be equipped with all plumbing fixtures. But this is not always the case. If you have copper pipes and the outdoor faucet is hidden inside the finished wall. An access panel needs to be installed for future maintenance. But with PEX tubing, you can easily access the entire lighting fixture from outside your home. When installing with PEX, you can add an additional pipeline circuit inside the wall. When it is necessary to clean or repair the fire hydrant in the house, you can easily loosen the three screws on the panel. Then pull the entire component out of the house.

Freeze Resistance

If you live in an area that frequently experiences freezing temperatures. Having PEX tubing can provide a second line of defense for your home, preventing pipes from freezing. The first and most important form of protection is outdoor faucets and wall insulation materials. If the ambient temperature around the pipeline drops below freezing point, the water inside will expand when it freezes. The tensile strength of copper pipes is very small. If frozen, it is easy to burst, but the PEX tube can expand and contract several times in this situation. PEX pipes also have the advantage of lower thermal conductivity than copper. This reduces heat loss and improves frost resistance.


With the surge in copper prices over the past decade, it is not surprising that people now choose PEX solely because of its affordable price. There are many different manufacturers and types of pipes. But the average raw material cost is about 1/4 of copper. One advantage of copper pipes is that they are almost identical. Therefore, choosing a supplier may not be as important as PEX.

Finally, installing PEX is usually much cheaper. Its labor intensity is relatively low. Because there are fewer joints required and no glue or torch is used.

Environmental Impact

Unlike copper, acidic water does not corrode PEX and filter out toxins. It is also more resistant to mineral accumulation caused by hard water. However, PEX is unstable to ultraviolet radiation and cannot be used outdoors. The chemical composition and quality of pipelines may also vary depending on the manufacturer and type. Therefore, please carefully select the supplier.

Finally, although copper can be recycled. But compared to copper pipelines, PEX has less energy production and a lower carbon footprint.

Although each type of pipeline has its own advantages and disadvantages. But it’s easy to see why PEX tubing have been so popular among plumbers and residential builders in recent years. With its low cost, easy connection, and additional antifreeze protection, IFAN recommends using PEX the next time you install a household fire hydrant.

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