Advantages of PVC ball valves

I was recently given the task of deciding which ball valves to replace the old ones in the barn. After looking at the different material options and realising that they would be connected to a PVC pipe. I had no doubt that I would go for a PVC ball valve.

Compact pvc ball valves

PVC ball valves can be categorised into three different types, each with their own benefits. These are Compact, Union and CPVC and in this blog we will look at the differences between these three types and their respective benefits.

Compact PVC ball valves are constructed using the in-situ moulding method defined in our Construction Methods blog. Using this unique method of moulding the plastic around the ball and stem assembly provides multiple benefits. Although a fully ported ball is used. There are no seams in the valve as the ball must be put in from one end. This makes the valve stronger and more compact without impeding flow. Compact PVC ball valves are available in both threaded IPS (iron pipe size) and sliding connections for Schedule 40 and 80 pipe.

Ball valves are rugged and ideal for a variety of water supply applications. When looking for an economical valve, the Compact PVC Ball Valve is the best choice.

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PVC ball valves are an excellent choice for a wide range of plumbing applications, offering different maintenance and high temperature options. Ball valves are also available in brass and stainless steel, so there is a ball valve for every application where water flow control is required.

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