Shark Bite Push Fitting

Pressure: PN25

Uses: water supply

Advantages of IFAN products: free samples, high quality, preferential prices, support custom.



Shark Bite fittings are pioneering components in the plumbing industry, marking a significant departure from traditional methods. With their innovative design, they eliminate the need for soldering or gluing, simplifying the plumbing process for both professionals and novices.

Product Name IFAN Shark Bite Fittings
Color Brass Color Or Customized
Size 1/2”-3/4” Or Customized
Material Brass
Package Opp Bag+Cartoon
OEM Aviable
Sample Free Provide
Contact US Whatsapp:+8613373827623 E-mail:[email protected]

Using Shark Bite Fittings: Step-by-Step Guide

1.The utilization of Shark Bite fittings involves a series of straightforward steps, ensuring a seamless connection between pipes. To initiate the process, it’s crucial to prepare the pipe meticulously. This entails achieving a clean, precise cut, devoid of any jagged edges that might compromise the integrity of the joint.

2.Next, deburring the cut end of the pipe becomes imperative. By employing a deburring tool, any rough edges are eliminated, guaranteeing a smooth surface for insertion into the fitting. This meticulous preparation is foundational, setting the stage for a secure and leak-free connection.

3.Should the situation require, marking the insertion depth on the pipe becomes necessary. This step ensures precision during installation, preventing the pipe from being inserted too far or not far enough into the fitting. The depth gauge provided on the Shark Bite fitting serves as a reliable reference point, facilitating accuracy in the assembly process.

4.With the pipe duly prepared, it’s time to proceed with the actual connection. Carefully insert the pipe into the Shark Bite fitting until it reaches the designated insertion depth. The fitting’s ingenious design incorporates a grip ring and O-ring, which collaborate to create a robust seal around the pipe. This seal not only ensures structural integrity but also guards against potential leaks, safeguarding the plumbing system.

5.To validate the efficacy of the connection, pressurize the system and conduct a thorough inspection for any signs of leakage. This final step serves as a crucial quality control measure, affirming the reliability and durability of the installation.

Can Shark Bite Fittings Be Used on PEX Pipe?

Affirmative! One of the remarkable attributes of Shark Bite fittings is their versatility, exemplified by their compatibility with various pipe materials, including PEX. This adaptability extends the utility of Shark Bite fittings, rendering them suitable for a diverse array of plumbing applications.

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