High Pressure Forged Brass Fittings

Size:1/2inch – 2inch
Pressure: PN25
Color: Brass Color Or Customized

Raw material:Brass (100% New Material)
Uses: water supplyAdvantages of IFAN products: free samples, high quality, preferential prices, support custom.


Product Description:

01 Brass Fittings

In plumbing systems, fittings refer to joints or connections of different shapes and sizes. They serve to measure the flow of a liquid and act as a joint or regulator between two pipes.

Types of Brass Fittings:

There are many different types of fittings. They are categorised mainly on the basis of shape and size. The most commonly used and well-known types of fittings are listed below.

Brass Elbow Pipe Fittings: Elbows are curved fittings that function by changing the direction of liquid flow in a pipe. Elbow pipe fittings are available in a variety of materials. They are so widely used that elbows are needed in almost every plumbing system.

Brass Tee Fittings: Tee fittings are in the shape of the letter “T”. They have three openings. One of them is the inlet and the other two are the outlets. If the three openings are not equal in size, they are called unequal tees. A tee fitting with three equal openings is called an equal tee. The outlet of a tee fitting is at 90° to the inlet.

Brass Coupling Fittings: When we need to connect two pipes of the same width, we need to install coupling fittings. Coupling fittings are used to connect two identical pipes or to replace a leaking pipe. When a pipe breaks, a coupling can be used by cutting off the broken or damaged portion and installing a coupling.
There are two types of couplings based on their construction. A slip coupling has a simpler construction. It contains two pipes embedded in each other.

One of them can slide to hold the damaged part of the pipe. A compression coupling prevents leakage between the two pipes. It has seals on both sides to stop the leakage immediately.

Brass Reducing Fittings:

Reducing fittings are a type of tubing that reduces the size of a larger pipe. It has a reducer structure. One side of the fitting is relatively large, allowing a larger pipe to be connected. At the same time, the second opening is smaller, allowing the larger area to be divided into smaller areas.
Reducers can be eccentric or concentric.

There is a slight difference between them. Concentric reducers may have air gaps due to their tapered construction. In contrast, eccentric reducers have edges that run parallel to the connecting pipe and do not trap air.

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