Cpvc Female Socket

CPVC Piping System

IFAN produces the best CPVC pipes in China, the fittings are manufactured using world-class raw material and technology, which makes them ideal for both hot and cold water distribution systems. These pipes are made from special plastic, chemically known as Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride, commonly known as CPVC.

Size:1/2” to 1”

End Connection Type:Threaded

Usage/Application:Plumbing Pipe

Application:Hot & Cold water piping system


OEM&ODM: Available


Size and packaging guidelines

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Specification Chair Armchair Sofas
Height 37" 42" 42"
Width 26.5" 32.5" 142"
Depth 19.5" 22.5" 24.5"
Assembly Required No No Yes
Packaging Type Box Box Box
Package Weight 55 lbs. 64 lbs. 180 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions 27" x 26" x 39" 45" x 35" x 24" 46" x 142" x 25"


Cpvc Female Socket

Product Description:

CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) is a thermoplastic polymer material. Used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. It has excellent chemical resistance, high heat resistance, fire resistance and corrosion resistance. One of the main applications of CPVC is piping and piping systems. For hot water lines and industrial processes.

To connect CPVC piping systems, a range of fittings are available. Includes external thread adapter. Cpvc Female Socket is a transitional accessory. Lets you connect CPVC pipe to threaded connections or other types of pipe. Such as copper, steel or PVC.


compared to other types of joints. Cpvc Female Socket has several advantages:
1. Chemical resistance. The CPVC material used to make the adapter is highly chemical resistant. Suitable for use in harsh chemical environments.
2. High temperature resistance. The material can withstand temperatures up to 200°F. Ideal for high temperature applications.
3. Easy to install. The adapters are easy to install and require no special tools. It can be attached using standard pipe wrench or pliers.
4. Durability. The CPVC material used to make the adapter is very durable. Can be used for years without damage.
5. Cost-effective. Compared to other types of transition fittings. This adapter is cost effective. Making it a popular choice for plumbing and plumbing.


1. Piping and piping systems. Cpvc Female Socket is commonly used in pipes and plumbing systems. Such as copper or steel.
2. Industrial systems. This adapter is also used in industrial systems. For connecting CPVC pipe to other industrial piping systems.
3. Chemical plants. The material’s chemical resistance makes it suitable for use in chemical plants. Used to connect pipes conveying corrosive chemicals.
4. Water treatment plants. Adapters are used in water treatment plants. Used to connect CPVC piping carrying treated water to other types of piping systems.

In conclusion:

CPVC Pipe Fitting is an important part of the piping system. It is a cost effective and durable transition joint. Offers high temperature resistance and excellent chemical resistance.

IFAN has 30+ years of experience in the plumbing industry. If you are looking for suppliers of pvc pipe fittings, please visit our website:https://www.ifanpvc.com/ , you will get the price and other detailed information about pvc. Welcome to contact IFAN, this is our Whatsapp: https://api.whatsapp.com/send/?phone=8613373827623&text&type=phone_number&app_absent=0



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