CPVC Piping Installation

CPVC Piping

Preparation for Installation

Gather necessary tools and materials for CPVC pipe installation to ensure smooth process.

Ensure proper measurements and planning before cutting CPVC pipes for installation accuracy.

Cutting and Deburring CPVC Pipes

Use a fine-toothed saw to cut CPVC pipes accurately, avoiding jagged edges.

Deburr CPVC pipes with a deburring tool to remove rough edges and ensure proper fit.

Cleaning CPVC Pipes and Fittings

Clean CPVC pipes and fittings thoroughly with a dry cloth to remove dust and debris.

Use CPVC cleaner to remove dirt and grease from pipe surfaces for optimal adhesion.

Application of Solvent Cement

Apply CPVC solvent cement to both pipe and fitting surfaces evenly and liberally.

Quickly join CPVC pipes and fittings before solvent cement dries to ensure strong bond.

Assembly and Alignment

Assemble CPVC pipes and fittings carefully, ensuring proper alignment and connection.

Check alignment using a straightedge or level to maintain accuracy during installation.

Support and Securement

Support CPVC pipes adequately with hangers or straps to prevent sagging or stress.

Secure CPVC pipes in place to prevent movement or dislodgment after installation.

Pressure Testing

Conduct pressure testing of CPVC piping system to ensure leak-free connections and integrity.

Pressurize system gradually and inspect for leaks using soap solution or pressure gauge.

Inspection and Finalization

Inspect CPVC piping system thoroughly for any defects or issues before finalization.

Make necessary adjustments or repairs to ensure compliance with installation standards.


Proper installation of CPVC pipes is crucial for a reliable and efficient plumbing system.

Following these steps ensures successful CPVC piping installation, providing long-lasting performance.

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