Where is the check valve used for?


The check valve is an excellent invention for conveying media without backflow. In many cases, it will make your work easier and more comfortable. In this article, you will learn how to properly use check valves in different applications.But before that, you must understand it in order to choose and use the correct one.\

What Is Check Valve?

A check valve is a mechanical device that allows media to flow in one direction only. To clarify, it is a valve consisting of several mechanical parts that can transfer media in one direction without any back flow. Therefore, it is also known as a one-way, check, return or retention valve.

Popular Check Valves

There are many types of this valve. Each is suitable for different applications and purposes. Read on to choose the best product for your needs.

Swing Check Valve

This variant is probably the most widely used of all other check valves. It works simply like opening and closing a door. A disc with a hinge is installed inside the valve. The disc swings up and down on a hinge to control the media flow.

When fluid enters the valve through the inlet, the dynamic force of the flow pushes the disc upward. Thus, it makes the path flow. The disc will not drop until the pressure becomes low. Later, when the flow stops, the weight of the disc forces the hinge down. Ultimately, it seals the path and no backflow can occur.

Brass Valves

Check Valve Buying Guide

You are now one step behind using check valves. Use the following selection criteria when purchasing:

· Consider whether the valve material of construction is compatible with your application. Not all materials are suitable for all types of media. For long-lasting and efficient service, you should choose brass valves. Best of all, brass is suitable for almost all types of media.

· Properly check the valve’s maximum pressure, cracking pressure… and temperature tolerance.

· Choose the right type and the right size to perfectly match your application.

· Consider your preferred mounting orientation, horizontal or vertical.

· Don’t forget about other requirements such as flow direction, response time, normally open or normally closed, and maintenance access.

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